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University of Minho and the Unit for Adult Education
The University of Minho was founded in 1973 and began its academic activity in 1975/76. It is renowned for the quality of its teaching and its students, the public recognition given to its alumni, and for its interventions in and strong links with the local community and the surrounding region. It has a student population of 16.000, of which 1.900 are postgraduates, 1.200 teaching staff, of whom 850 hold a PhD, and 600 administrative and technical staff. Throughout the years the University has achieved a high reputation as an institution of learning and leadership, combining strategic vision with a capacity to innovate, and rigorous scientific, academic, administrative and financial management.
The University of Minho is organised in Schools and Institutes, and includes Cultural Units such as the Unit for Adult Education. This was created in 1982, as part of the Project of Adult Education which was initiated in 1976 with the support of the Swedish International Development Authority and the University of Linköping.
The objectives of the Unit for Adult Education are: to create and develop courses for adult education teachers, orgnanisers, trainers and supervisors as well as leaders of local development agencies, popular organizations and voluntary associations; to study the contexts and practices of adult education, carrying out fieldwork, disseminating results and intervening through action-research projects; to support and supervise, scientifically and pedagogically, research and socio-educative intervention projects promoted by schools, associations, co-operatives, enterprises, public services, autonomous bodies, etc.; to stimulate and support the development of participatory methodologies in which adult learners actively participate in the conception, organisation, management and evaluation of the work; to establish networks of scientific, pedagogical and financial co-operation with national, foreign and international partners.
This seminar is the outcome of cooperation between the Unit for Adult Education and the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA).

Professor Rui Vieira de Castro
Head of the Unit for Adult Education of the University of Minho
Rua Abade da Loureira
4700-356 Braga, Portugal
phone: +351253601284/0
fax. +351253618372
e-mail: rvcastro@iep.uminho.pt
Unit for Adult Education homepage:   www.uea.uminho.pt

ESREA Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning Network
The Network has been active since 1990, and has organized international research seminars in Wroclaw, Poland (1994), Strobl, Austria (1997), Poznan, Poland (1999), Bochum, Germany (2001), Leuven, Belgium (2003) and Tallin, Estonia (2005).

Associate Professor Michal Bron Jr.
Sodertorn University College, S-14189 Huddinge, Sweden
e-mail: Michal.Bron@sh.se
phone: +46(0)8-608 43 06
ESREA homepage:  www.esrea.org


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